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Recording, mixing & mastering

Overdubbing or live sound recording, analogue mixing, stems mastering for any broadcasting format : Red-Book, LKFS, DDP, online downloading or streaming platforms and so on.
Ability to setup a mobile studio for live recording in atypical place or concert venue of your choice (analog console linked to a 24in 24out ProTools HD)
Wide range of music genres codes understood.

Asilium Production – Studio Sanatorium

Studio fitted with ProTools HD 48 in & 48 out physical conversion.
In-line Amek analogue mixing console.
Wide selection of high end microphones and hardware devices.

Price range, flat-rate, projects

Appealing prices are tailored to each project: half-day, day, single track, EP, album.
Ability to setup artistic direction or any other band management service.
Online mixing and mastering via secured transfer.


In order to achieve a truly realistic rendition of the musician’s performance, we use state-of-the art miking placement and techniques. Our studio is fitted with a wide range of assorted microphones and preamps (tube, condenser, dynamic, ribbon) in order to meet each artistic requirement on every song that we record. Most of the time, the recording engineer’s decisions and know-how allows the artist to completely forget about the technical aspects. This is critical because only a faithful rendering will contribute to the band’s unique character.

Mixing is the art of combining all the previously recorded audio tracks in a stereo space. For a perfect blend of all audio elements, we use filters (parametric equalizer, compressor etc) and effects (reverb, delay etc). To achieve the highly sought-after “warm” sound and to guarantee compliance with the song and artist’s interpretation, the Studio Sanatorium is fitted with a Digital Audio Workstation (ProTools HD), routed for frequency processing and summing to an analogue TAC Amek console of the Matchless series, having proven its value over many years. Various dynamics and effects processing are carried out by hardware devices selected among the wide available studio range of rackable units.

Mastering is the final step on stems or mix. Whether you need to balance the many tracks of an album or calibrate the output level in compliance with a broadcasting standard (Red Book, Spotify, Youtube etc) Studio Sanatorium offers various solutions. On a stereo mix output, all processing will be carried out in the digital domain with powerful tools. When mastering stems, an analogue summing of audio buses will be carried out upstream through the console, including some frequency adjustments if required. Once printed, the summing result will be ultimately processed through digital tools.


Jonathan Maronnier

Studio Sanatorium : France, Paris area (Val d’Oise 95)
Jonathan Maronnier : Sound Engineer (recording, mixing and mastering), Live Sound Engineer, Artistic Director, Producer, Executive Producer, Co-producer
Phone +33 673 147 717

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